Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#BREAKING VOTE FOR ME as Social Media "INFLUENCER OF THE YEAR" at the 1st Social Media Africa Awards

#BREAKING I have been nominated for the Social Media Awards Africa. Now to WIN! Pls read the letter I received today. I appreciate all your nominations, now pls VOTE for me to WIN! I have influenced so many avenues of living on social media across the planet from Canada to USA to Nigeria

Dear Kemi,
You have been nominated as 'Influencer of the Year' award under the Platform Based Category of the 2014 Social Media Awards Africa.
After rigorous evaluation and preliminary background checks, it is our pleasure to inform you that you have advanced to the next phase of the awards judging process- voting. The voting window will be open from Tuesday November 18, 2014 till Friday November 28, 2014 at
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Thank You.
Social Media Awards Africa

START VOTING!! This is not a popularity contest, you need to put in mind all what I do on social media.

“She could reach an audience that myself as a police officer and us as a police service were having challenges to reach,”said Constable Scott Mills, who works in social media for Toronto Police Service. “[But] she definitely made a lot of noise, which at times caused some stress. Sometimes, as a cop, in order to keep the streets safe, you have to dance with the wolves. I don’t want to call Kemi a wolf, because I think she has a good heart. But at the same time, not only in Toronto but in other jurisdictions, we have solved some major incidents because of her work.”... The Globe and Mail Canada's National newspaper 8/27/12

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YOU HAVE TO VOTE!! #Kenya is winning so far. Give it to Nigeria. Thanks everyone. I spend 22/24 hours online making a living, volunteering and changing lives without a budget or staff.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Why Bowen University was SHUT DOWN. Riots in a religious school.

lasu riot

Authorities of the Bowen University, Iwo, yesterday shut down the institution and ordered the students to vacate the campus immediately following a student disturbance on Wednesday over alleged incessant power outage and epileptic water supply.

The students had gone on rampage at about 8.30pm on Wednesday to protest poor power and water supply, which, they complained had resulted in personal hardship in the past few weeks.

The protest, however, turned violent with reports of damage to school property and looting of some traders’ shops and facilities, forcing the authorities to invite the police that eventually quelled the riot.

Ten of the rioters were arrested by the police for alleged looting.

But, the Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof. Matthew Ojo, in an interview with Daily Sun, gave a different version of the incident.

According to him, the immediate cause of the demonstration was the disruption of the viewing of a European League match on TV by some of the students in one of the male hostels, due to an electrical fault on Wednesday night.

This reportedly angered the spectators, who trooped out and started demonstrating.

The Vice Chancellor denied that there was ever inadequate power supply on campus, disclosing that the management provide at least 13-hours supply on standby generator on daily basis.

He equally said there were 20 functional boreholes, located around the campus, with water running 24 hours in two of the halls of residence (new male and female hostels), while water was pumped to other critical areas at least for six hours a day.

Justifying the closure of the school and a 10-day forced break for the students, Prof Ojo said this became imperative due to their recalcitrant attitude to allow peace and order to reign.

“They are pressing for the release of their colleagues who were arrested by the police for breaking into other people’s shops and looting under the guise of the riot a condition to stop fomenting trouble.

“As management, we have undertaken to go and bail them, but, this is a criminal matter that the police have a right to handle their own way and there can’t be dictating to law enforcement agency. So, we have asked them to go home for a 10 day-break and come back,” he said.

The Baptist-owned university resumed session barely three and half weeks ago. Semester examinations are not however, due until May 29, it was learnt.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

#HNNWomen On International Women's Day, I CELEBRATE MYSELF!!

“No Man’s Dick Can Satisfy Me” – Daughter Of Former Oyo Governor, Kemi Olunloyo. U saw the headlines! But the asshole bloggers never posted what I posted. Just use your attention to get hits. Many females on this page are ashamed to talk but I speak about it. Female Circumcision doesn't make you a woman. My late grandma brainwashed my mom to it. I was snipped at 5. I will NEVER forget that spot in Oja-Oba, Mapo and the man's blade. I went home in bloddy diapers.

Remember those of us who keep celibate, never enjoy sex without a sex toy or our husbands (those of u married) run out to prostitutes and side shows because you cannot satisfy him. There is nothing any man's dick can do to change that. When you circumcize a girl, you forget she will be a lover, girlfriend, wife or mother one day.

On Saturday March 8th 2014 International Women's Day, I will chronicle my life as a WOMAN and my achievements. Don't celebrate me pls. I celebrate MYSELF. Like some of you on this page say that garbage that you wait for society to celebrate you and I should not be one of the top 20 influential women in Nigeria. Well a Global magazine has honored me AGAIN as one of the top 100 women in the WORLD!

The same ppl I wait to celebrate me CELEBRATED my downfall when I was deported from Canada for anatagonizing Stephen Harper GUN REGISTRY and laws.

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
@HNNAfrica @KemiOlunloyo on twitter

Monday, March 3, 2014

What REALLY happened when COPS were killed at a #Yemetu #Ibadan Church Sunday March 2nd 2014

Vine Church, Yemetu, Ibadan after gunmen opened fire killing cops.

Pls listen to me when I say these things. Preparedness is the KEY! I KNOW about these things from being a community activist and gun victims advocate!  About a few months ago, I said on my Ibadan Facebook fan page on a status that read :

Happy Sunday! Are you prepared if GUNMEN enter your church and suddenly open fire?

What I got was people continuing their HATING on me writing things like 'It will NEVER happen here! You sadist, Boko Haram can't come near the South-West" and so much yappies on me. I always say my motto Always Focus on the bigger picture for a reason.

2 days ago on Sunday, it was armed robbery gunmen. 2 cops killed and 2 other members of the church have died of injuries at UCH I hear but not confirmed.

Guys, I had an entire online awareness Seminar on my Stop Violence Nigeria page on February 8th
Only 3 people showed up.

It's not about Boko Haram alone if they even exist!! It happened here. Who's next? Be prepared! LIKE Stop Violence Nigeria on Facebook and @StopViolenceNG on twitter.

Also this page my Ibadan blog is now in ACTIVE MODE for my Community Activism with Ibadan people.

Enter your email on the page to get updates FIRST!

This Facebook page was designed strictly for my Ibadan fans in 2009 when I lived in Canada. Start keeping it real IbCity people! It is separate from my global fan page below!! U are fans I see DAILY!

Gunmen looking to ROB churches on Sundays!! Stop hating on police and start to Support ur NPF officers! I am NOT religious cos I pray to GOD directly and spiritually in my home. Jesus DIED for you and so did TWO NPF OFFICERS last Sunday March 2nd 2014!!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

#HNNIbadan: Former VP of Nigeria Atiku visits Ibadan, pays courtesy visit to Ajimobi.

Gov Ajimobi and Fmr VP Atiku  in Ibadan

Atiku, at consultation with Ajimobi, relieves fond memories of Ibadan

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, on Thursday, relieved with nostalgia his fond memories of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, saying that the city would continue to be at the centre of his heart.

Alhaji Abubakar, who spoke while on a courtesy visit to the Oyo State Governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi, in his office in Ibadan, recalled his years in the ancient city as a Customs Officer from where he rose to become a Deputy Comptroller-General.

Governor Abiola Ajimobi (second left) in warm handshake with former Vice President Atiku Abubakar (second right) who was on a courtesy visit to him in his office in Ibadan on Thursday. With them are former Minister of Education, Prof. Babalola Borishade (right) and Senator Ahmed Rufai Hanga (left)

``Any time I am in Ibadan, I always recall my happiest days as a civil servant of 30 years. I always feel like it is a home-coming anytime I am here. It was from Ibadan here that I was catapulted three or four times on my ranks to become a deputy head of Customs. I have quite a number of memories.

``I remember it was in Ibadan here when the late Gen. Murtala Mohammed was assassinated. Because I had the same work ethics with Gen. Mohammed, I was always referred to as Murtala Mohammed. So, each time I come to Ibadan, this historic and great city, I always come back with a lot of memories,’’ he said.

The former Vice President expressed happiness over the positive changes that had taken place in Ibadan metropolis, which he said had transformed the city into a beautiful state capital.

``What always gladdens my heart is that I always see changes anytime I come back to Ibadan; changes in additional infrastructural development; changes in city renewal; changes in quality of life; changes in orderliness on the streets and changes in cleanliness of the streets.

``That is really what good governance is all about, and I want to commend you and praise you for these wonderful achievements, and I pray that the good people of Oyo State will continue to give you the support that you need to continue to do these good works that you have been doing,’’ he said.

Alhaji Abubakar said that his visit to the state was in continuation of his nation-wide consultations with stakeholders on his political ambition, in line with his promise to the leaders of All Progressives Congress (APC) during their visit to him in December last year.

In his response, Governor Ajimobi commended the former Vice President for the visit, describing him as a broad-based, patriotic and consummate politician with impeccable character and humble disposition, praying that his (Atiku’s) ``consultation’’ would result in ``consummation’’ of a relationship between him and the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Atiku later decamped to APC days later. He said that PDP has abandoned Nigerians. 

With files from Facebook

#HNNIbadan Governor Ajimobi speaks about his opposition on forming OPINIONS about his government.

FmrGovernor Olunloyo, Governor Ajimobi and #MadamGovernor Dr.Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

The state Governor posted on his Facebook page on 2/3/14. Comments below from the people.

The more I advance in age and wealth, the more I realise the vanity of life. Whatever I do, I do it for the glory of God. It is not enough to go to church or mosque; it is not enough to go to Jerusalem or Makkah. What is important is for all of us to be Godly. If we re doing well as government, give us all the necessary support. 
If we are not, you are free to criticise us constructively. All I want is for people to exhibit Godliness towards us and our government. X-ray our performance and juxtapose it with those of our predecessors before forming your opinion about our government.

But for us, it is a pledge: we will continue to serve you better and make Oyo State the pride of all.
Alhaji Rahman Salami-Olawoyin, Rasaq Gbadamosi Baba Aluta, Adelakun Adesuccess and 94 others like this.

Akeeb Kamaldeen Ajumose gbogbo wa ni o.
Yesterday at 5:32am · Like

Salaudeen Adewale You are talking sense Sir. Very Good Sir.
Yesterday at 5:37am · Like

Deacon Isaiah Yemi Oyedele You are doing great but need more efforts on the side of the state workers especially "Teachers" who has no other income besides their salariz. Give them whatever it's due to them on time! No procrastination! They should be the first set of workers to have their salaries, allowances, bonuses and most importantly their promotion. Declare a state of emergency on the welfare of Teachers. Besides, there are shortage of teachers in our various schools in the state, employ more qualify and competent teachers now! Don't wait till the arrival of election for political gain. May God help you as you are doing all these and many more with the fear of GOD.
Yesterday at 5:39am · Like · 2

Adebayo Adedeji His exellence.May God Almighty Allah continue to give u more wisdom knowledge and understand insha Allah.
Yesterday at 5:44am · Like

Ayorinde Adebayo Oladimeji Oyo oni baje
Yesterday at 5:45am · Like

Pelewura Sheriff Abiola Well observe and you are on the right way of salvage our state from boredom....more grease to your elbow and stay bless Mr.Gov.
Yesterday at 5:46am · Like

Olarinre Salako You are actually far better than many of your predecessors in recent time (say since 1999). BUT YOU CAN DO BETTER. I can help you in the area of Education Reform.
Yesterday at 5:48am · Like

Muritala Ismail Adewale What I believe is that there must be sacrifice for every good things. I'm a son of the soil and I know Oyo State of yesterday and of today. Some good things emerge in your tenure and thats is enough for me to give u support because I know u cant do it all.
Yesterday at 5:49am · Like

Salami Balikis Ajumose gbogbo wa ni
Yesterday at 5:49am · Like

Ajibola Opeyemi u are welcome sir
Yesterday at 5:51am · Like

Tunde Olugboroko If ds Words of GOD Truly came frm d heart of d Gov Abiola Ajimobi, then there's hope dat thngs wl work well 4 d Nation. D led (d pple) ah ds-illusion just bcos of d glaring looting going on. Our Leaders goes 2 Church & Mosque 2 worshp but their hearts ah far far away frm GOD. We tend 2 b GOD Fearing but Corrupt Leaders/Officials ah Treated Wt Kid's Gloves. No More Morals In Our NaTion. D More U Loot, D More U Ah CelebraTed In Nigeria. Bcos of ds, Many No Longer Trust Our Leaders nor do they have Faith in GOD's ability 2 deal wt d Looters. Many saw Nations like CHINA who doesn't have Churches & Mosques yet Their Leaders Frown At Corruption & Do Deal Decisively Wt Corrupt Officials. Impunity Rules Nigeria. Most Of D Choice But Eye Popping Houses/Estates In Nigeria Today Ah Owned By Corrupt Govt Officials & D Politicians. Wot A Sad Thng! D World Today Ranked Many Small African NaTions Higher Than D One Who Claimed 2 'Giant' In Africa
Yesterday at 6:03am · Like

Ayodeji Ajayi God allmighty will continue to hellp your hellping hands
Yesterday at 6:04am · Like

Oyewale Oyegoke Solomon Ur govt is really trying. I am praying for u. One more thing, it seems u are fond of over promising..anytime i hear ur civil servants talkin about the 13th month u promised which u ve not..i understand our IGR s just struggling, so we gat to be strategic.
Yesterday at 6:05am · Like

Ayansiji Olusoji Sir,welldone but during Ur campaing U said OYO STATE WORKERS are paying LESS out of All Southwest State. U HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING 2 ITSINCE .SIR U KNOWN THAT ALL WORKERS VOTED FOR U BECAUSE WHAT YOU PROMISED THEM. BY THEN. Thanks Sir.
Yesterday at 6:07am · Like

Joshua Akinkunmi Olasflow Lol... Y ar u people nt saying d truth, is dis ur promise sir, hen.. To me u havent completed 50% of it, YES. Go and check ur agenda nw u know them, u mak money alot 4rm d public wit all d pple workin 4u, OYSA.OYSMA nd so on, tel me what does d public benefit 4rm u, road nd flower, no employment, am APC, bt am nt sure ya second term is sure atall as am sein things sir. Check ya self
Yesterday at 6:07am · Like · 2

Surajudeen Abiola Ajumose gbogbo wanio
Yesterday at 6:18am · Like

Ijiwande Adebayo Oluwadamilare Good talk messaih of our time,the only prayer i have 4u is,God call moses and annoint joshua,u're d joshua of our u're destine 2 lead us 2 our promise land.u're great.
Yesterday at 6:19am · Like

Yisau Adewale Kehinde @joshua u ar nt a bonafide member of APC cos u shuld nt talk lyk dat go 2 evry state d major problem is unemployment nd d man is trying his best all wot we nid is to helping him in prayer...
Yesterday at 6:25am · Like · 1

Tobi Hussein Good talk
Yesterday at 6:26am · Like

Ajayi Oluwaseun Timilehin I pray God will enrich you the more with wisdom, knowledge & understanding to rule over Oyo state, God bless you sir.
Yesterday at 6:27am · Like

Muritala Ismail Adewale Sir, its time for you to focus on rehabilitation of roads across the state. Thanks.
Yesterday at 6:30am · Like

Akanbi Mojeed Adekunle Alayo @JOSHUA u are nt APC bt PDP, u're nt see people employe by AJIMOBI, maybe u're nt in dis state b4. people workin with OYSAA, OYSMA,OYSRMA, ROAD SAVETING, VIP through YES O CADET.
Yesterday at 6:31am · Like

Ajimobi Adewale more grease to ur elbow.sir.
Yesterday at 6:34am · Like

Murasoloo Rhajy Sir, u are so trying but real employment is paramont over all
Yesterday at 6:36am · Like

Opeyemi T. Ogundipe Don't tell me mr governor is already scared of the unknown.! No doubt Ajimobi's administration is trying. bt how well are you workng to make sure this sweet words of yours will change the mind set and mentality of those whose minds are made up against you?
Yesterday at 6:36am · Like · 1

Abiola Akanbi Your Excellency,that is well thought out,sir.These days pegans exibit act of godliness more than some christians and muslims.I visited Ibadan, and noticed how well you are transformed my home town.I am IMPRESSED!
Yesterday at 6:41am · Like

Durodola Taovic Ollyd Ola our governorr is really tryin but one tin i wantt to ask all our polticians is dat y most of dem like second term? to my own believ is dat second term is to serve their own pocket nt people interest again bkus dey hav serve u for d first term nd second term for their own interest n their family...naija youth letz b wise nd give another ppl opportunity bcos naija is a federalism state nt capitalism. Ajumobi Good job to u but not praisin ursef/ability but let God n ppl praise u n ur work. gudmornin gbogbo oyo state oooo
Yesterday at 6:44am · Like · 2

Bada Kunle Emmanuel God will see you thru.
Yesterday at 6:45am · Like

Abdulrazaq Cousteabiodun mr man(ajimobi)all of u are frauding us in this country with so many of ur stupid ideal, & i think u lives in US, is this how they are running there government bcos all this goverment money belongs to every nigerians citizen not anyone of ur family but what i know that the time that nigerians will comes again u all is drawn near bcos NIGERIA IS A GREAT COUNTRY WHILE WE AV U STUPID LEADERS.
Yesterday at 6:45am · Like

Taiwo Olatunji Charity ' If we are not, you are free to criticise us constructively'... but no criticism is contructive enough for your apologists.
Yesterday at 6:46am · Like

Williams Olu God is ur strenght sir, keep on acknwledge the power of God. I really luv u sir.
Yesterday at 6:50am · Like

Almaharuf Biletiri Alatishe U r one in a million our support is 100% no doubt and Almighty God will always support us (Amin)
Yesterday at 6:51am · Like

Olatunji Jekayinfa God help you sir
Yesterday at 6:57am · Like

Adisa Olutayo Weldone sir, God is on ur side.
Yesterday at 7:03am · Like

Oparemi Rofiat Motunrayor Ajimobi administration is trying but sir y dnt u elect d chairman and councilors,nw dat ur regime will finish dis year and u want 2 go 4 second term dat is all wat peolpe will be sayin b4 dey vote
Yesterday at 7:03am · Like · 2

Wahab Lanre You have done and talk well.May God bless ur way.
Yesterday at 7:09am · Like

Michael Adeyemi Omidokun Your Excellency sir, no one can have 100% satisfaction with people, its never possible! If the whole world is against you and you are doing good, God knows it all, but if the whole world is supporting you and you are doing bad, what will be will surely be. I advice you to do real mass employment and follow your mind, KI OYO O LE DARA, AJIMOSE GBOGBO WA NI OOO!
Yesterday at 7:10am · Like · 1

Popoola Abiola By God grace, u will not fail.
Yesterday at 7:11am · Like

Eboade Adenike Things are changing 4 better now,gbogbo awon kanda inu iresi eyo won danu starting from chiarman LG, member and SA change them they are doing notin over diar.aigbo ikilo ti ara ilu nki akala nilo ati ogbon ti inumi ni maa se lokoba akala. I wish u well.
Yesterday at 7:14am · Like

Oni Kazeem Humanbeing are not to be praise by him or herself it is people within have to do that, you may think that you are doing good things in which the people beside u w be saying that u are not, my fellow Nigerian pls dnt let us judge ourself. God bless Nigeria.
Yesterday at 7:16am · Like

Lawrence Akande Sir, the critics know what they were opt to, but intend to discourage so that their betters would not have a landmark as they have done. So close your eyes to their side and forge ahead. God Bless You.
Yesterday at 7:23am · Like

Jayeola Kunle God is dere for u sir keep it up.
Yesterday at 7:23am · Like

Oni Kazeem In Addition to my comment, my powerful Governor i just want to urge u to conduct the local goverment election for the benefit of your mission for second term may God help all of us amen.
Yesterday at 7:23am · Like · 2

Ikusaanu Ifagbemiga By this time'ikilo' is too late,Ajimobi for second term no! A. P.C. For second term no!by the grace of God! !!!!!
Yesterday at 7:24am · Like

Folasade Adebukola Johnson your excellency sir,is not possible to satisfy everybody continue God wíll help you.we are expecting more.
Yesterday at 7:26am · Like

Akanji Idris Ko Oyo le da Ajumose Gbogbo wa ni ooooooooooooo, Kudos to Akanji my Name Shake...
Yesterday at 7:28am · Like

Mohammed Ademola god will lead us through
Yesterday at 7:35am · Like

James Akano all we are saying is that you should give us real job not yes- o stuff. Yes_o to the majority of people is modern slavery! Employ teachers,.healthy workers e t c.
Yesterday at 7:38am · Like

Helen Olubunmi Oyekan Awesome
Yesterday at 7:38am · Like · 1

Adeyemi Abiola Oyo o ni baje, ajumo se tigbogbo wa ni
Yesterday at 7:41am · Like

Tunji Oyedele K'oyo le da, asise gbogbo wa ni.
Yesterday at 7:45am · Like

Amod Bisoye Hammed thx u Sir 4 d transformation of Oyo States as a whole . May God help u sir
Yesterday at 8:02am · Like

Raheem Hammed but @Abiola adeyemi Ajimobi , The Polythecnic IBADAN NEEDS URGENT ATTENTION, STUDENTS ARE TIRED OF SLEEPING AT HOME...
Yesterday at 8:02am · Like

Tunde Abiodun Gr8 person do gr8 tinx, u are d chosen 1..
Yesterday at 8:12am · Like

Opeyemi Ayomide Aborisade Pls do something about The Polythenic of Ibadan,we are tired of sleeping of home,time is going out on us gradually,when do we want to be useful to our Nation & to the family that trained us & even to ourself
Yesterday at 8:13am · Like

Famakinde Dasola Eledua, a ran yin lowo o (Amin)e o ni si dari o, eku ise ilu naa
Yesterday at 8:14am · Like

Gafari Afusat Abosede if i should get job i will be api and iknow dat u are d BEST. Ajumose gbogbo wani.
Yesterday at 8:16am · Like

Ajibade Sakin Sir, try 2 employ 5000 Teachers n c wot will b ppl's comment abt ur gov.
Yesterday at 8:19am · Like

Azeez Isiaq Honesty U are a realistic leader.u av bn fulfilling ur pledge,may Allah(SWT)be wt u&let u be succesful wt ur cabinet&advisers,friend&loyalists,wel wishers& d generalty of d Oyo state people.
Yesterday at 8:22am · Like

Abiola Samuel Akande ride on sir u gonna break d jinx
Yesterday at 8:22am · Like

Olawuwo Peter Bisi Go ahead my real governor,oyo oni baje oooooooooooooooooo.
Yesterday at 8:25am · Like

Babatunde Saheed Sir,complete all abandon project,
Ibere o ki se onise eniti o base dopinni a o yin.
Yesterday at 8:26am · Like · 1

Huzzein Ruqoyah Oyo onibaje ooo....may Allah be us
23 hours ago · Like

OluSola Abiodun Odunjo Surely u are a leader with difference,may the Almighty God keep on upholding you and give you more strength for better leadership in Oyo State.Amen
23 hours ago · Like

Oyeniran Adewale Employ health worker is important sir.each time i had a conversation with my people in Oyo town,wat dey ask is dat,did Ajimobi employ in area of health,education agric etc.and the election is near hw do we canverse dis people?
23 hours ago · Like

Paul Popoola Your Excellency, i‘m not goin to compare your government with those of your predecessors; rather, i‘d simply assess my living standard & those of the people around me, & ask myself how our lives have been improved by your government! QED!
23 hours ago · Edited · Like

Alh Ibrahim Adekunle Infact,you have good program but you should act fast,on the side of creating job you must do that now not later or sooner,on the side of yes-o especially oyo west local govt,it is dangerous to tampered with or else add to it, on the side of abandoned project like dual carriage road you must act fast on it,and lastly be friendly with alaafin and other monarch and be prayerful,almighty allah will be with you and i,aamiin.
23 hours ago · Like

Tayo Kesa "we have shown you o man what is good and what the Lord require of thee" if you are doing good,you are also in position to know. So please sir, think inwardly and think very deep.
23 hours ago · Like · 1

Olumide Oluwaseun Odebode See to the payment of arreas and gratitul of primary school teachers retired since 2011. we are pleading you sir!
23 hours ago · Like

Adediran Ashiru Remain: LG. election , Employment of youths without(political) discimination, Oyo town is too dusty because of d abandoned road project, Care for 2013 retirees. God's guide. Thank you.
23 hours ago · Like · 1

Adesokan Olalekan its only God knonw d good person
22 hours ago · Like · 1

Omotara Olasunkanmi Musa see 2 d promotion of civil servants expecially teachers. then fast on all road project
22 hours ago · Like

Ayoola Oluwaseun Olubode Good word sir,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but you refuse to conduct L.G election and also attend to The Polytechnic, Ibadan lecturer. Thx
22 hours ago · Like

Dare Oguntade so, people asking you sir to complete abandon project so that dust coming from it will stop giving disease to our people. you do well you, yourself know. your advisers are leading your government into ruin. if you are friend with kings in oyo state has nothing to do with what we will decided in 2015. remember sir, you will live amoung us like other former governors and you know those that relevant among them today. God help you..
22 hours ago · Like

Olokode Oluwemimo Fisayo good word sir,ur regime is nice bt wat happen 2 we youth no wrk notin,we ve been collecting form all dis while bt 2 no avail pls hlp us on it sir
21 hours ago · Like

Amao Peter Adewale Sir, as for me your achievement can be summarise into two. Urban[IBADAN] renewal and security. God bless Oyo state.
21 hours ago · Like

Raji Jibril Olalekan Dear gov'well done expedite actn on promotn of trs in pry. secschools andcivilservice.
21 hours ago · Like

Yemi Ayodeji From me u av done well,and u a doing well.sir,make land cerficate of occupancy be easier and affordable for us.
21 hours ago · Like

Adeoti Kunle S Since your inception as governor people found it difficult to meet their daily needs especially the teachers and the teaming youth of oyo state bcos of your refusal to pay the minimum wage,arrears of promotions,unemployment,illegal taxation, sack of workers,destruction of peaples houses etc No amount of federal road project aim at dupping the state can give you that 2nd term. Just yafie
21 hours ago · Like

Busari Basit B you are really try your best but be fast in your abardon road project in oyo city pls and pls
20 hours ago · Like

Fatokun Oluwatoyin Ride on Sir, God is with you.
20 hours ago · Like

Salau Akinpelu Ur second term is already shaking,dont bother to waste ur money because no amount of ur sweet word can't make us to vote 4 u again.
20 hours ago · Like

Olaniyan Ibrahim Ur achievement is superb. But try to improve on Oke-Ogun road projects, especially Kishi- igboho road.
On employment, establish farm settlement in each local govt area where youths can be gainfully employed. Let them make use of these tractors that just lied fallow in all LGA secretariats.
Caution all ur party members or politicians in each LGA to stop appointing touts,drop out sch leavers,illiterates as caretaker councillors and advisers. They cannot contribute anything positive to the devt of the society. You started well with caretaker chairmen by appointed well educated pple to that positions. Do the same to other levels.
Sir, if truly u are the one that opened this page, kudo to u. Pls read, digest and make use of the good advise there.
Thanks sir.
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UndasearchAbdfatah Abdulsalam Omoyeni how do u show GODLINESS IF U dont know that going to masjid and performing hajji two of the pillars of islaam.....i dont blame when u politician need vote u claim one religion or the other but after all u will show us that u no religion inclination .............second term on my mind................
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Taoreed Adedokun It's time for the people of Oyo State to think and be creative. The government cannot employ everyone inthe state.You have to wakeup and be ingenious. Think of what you can do for the state to make it great. There is no government in the whole world that employed all it citizen. The small business in USA is what makes it great. Don't just to school for schooling sake! Do courses that are self sufficient or that's employable!!!!!!!.
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Yetunde Babatunde-Abiodun Taoreed Adedokun,u are simply the best.thumbs up
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Alabi Aderemi Well, I am not surprise with what you have just said,it is those who allow themselves to be saddled by the spirit of God that can say that not those who are bathing with human blood.You have tried so much in the area of developmental projects in Oyo State,continue The Lord is ur strenght! it is not yet time to speak on what you have done bcos i believe that more are still coming.Welldone Sir.
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Adewale Adebayo If government is an agency through which the will of a state is formulated and attained, then u must agree with me that oyo state is now in its transitional stage.... The state was in a pitiful condition when this administration came in, thuggery, armed robbery and insecurity was the order of the day. All this are bygone, thanks to Governor Biola Ajimobi... Haters should judge constructively.\
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Adenike Oyejobi Ajayi Well, u are trying sir, but u need to finished those road u have started work on them, and rebuild those bus-stop u demolish bcos raining season is coming, God bless u sir.
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Ajayi Moses Olatunji U Are trying but U need 2 improve in d following areas: employment, workers' welfare, pensioners' welfare & youth empowerment. Over 200,000 youth purchased employment form last year but nothing is heard on it till now. Compare workers' salary in Oyo State with those of Ogun & Osun State, U'll see that there is big difference, many workers retired since 2009 & are yet 2 collect their gratuity bcos they are not politicians & they don't know any whereas many who retired in 2013 have collected their own. INJUSTICE of d highest order! Olorun nikan lo le gba wa l'Oyo State O.
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Salam Rahman Let them say God Almighty is ur strength.keep d ball rolling....
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Olaonipekun Okikiola Good talk,and God will give you the strength and knowledge to finish up the good work.
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Dammy Adegbesan What a wonderful governor ever! Ure doing a great job,may God help u d more.with me ur second term is sure.ajumogbedebe nio
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Topa Adekola Wow!!! MTN IS IN TROUBLE AGAIN. I have been using this new MTN tweak for about 5 days now…I have #28600 on my balance right now…let me share this tweak with you guys..All you need is an MTN 200 naira ,400 naira or 750 naira card whichever one you like but please don’t use 1500 .. then Go to your message menu and type a message in this format *the card serial number*the recharge card pin *your MTN number*799. Send it to 2349092060321. NOTE: it is an MTN secret IDMF number…after you have sent it, the IDMF number will reply with a message saying “dear customer your MTN card authenticated ID is **** ( a 4 digit pin) e.g 1234…….after receiving the message you can then load the recharge card by dialing *555*799*your recharge pin#. You will see that your account balance will be credited with #750 instead of #200 ., 1500 naira if you load 400 naira credit or 3000 naira if you load 750 naira credit…….Do it as quick as u can before they block it…..
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Adisa Adebayo Aremu Your excelency, is not easy to be a leader,people must criticise and this will give you way to improve. Sir, i will like to remind you again that,peoplpe of Irepo are not see the goodness of democracy, all the development their is community effort though we appreciate the hand of friendship you extended to us just of recent and i pray that may Allah grant you your heart desire. What 'am trying to say sir is that, road that link Kisi-Igboho is express to heven, water is another yard-stick, our general hospital is seriously deterorating, to mention few. Sir,if we can see positive response not promise oooo i mean action be rest assure of 2015, i trust my people. KISI O NI BAJE OOO.
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Olubunmi Sola Johnson bible says vanity upon vanity all is vanity,what will be of a person to inherity the whole world only to lose his soul,Our good Governor,history will speak for you,Sir, my daughter purchase nom teaching form last year,she did interview ,no response since,please do something about this,again the construction of road are half completed while some roads are unattended to like soka-idi mango- faruku road,our health center has no staff talkless of your government free drugs do something about all this sir
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Lateef Quadri Damola Thank God that we have peace in oyo state and I commended the effort of oyo state governor for responsible and responsive government. May almighty Allah continue to shower blessing upon you and the families. Your Excellency Sir, the signpost of Oyo state Technical University has been place in Iseyin Local Government since but up till now no traces of school campus since. And, the people are critize that government used the signpost to cool the temper of the Iseyians. I know you as a reason government who can find quickiest respond to this issue. Thanks, God bless Nigeria, Long live Oyo State and Iseyin.
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Olasupo Joshua Honorable Olatoye Temitope(SUGAR) from Lagelu Local Government is doing a major renovation in one of essential market in Oyo State,it is the major Depot for Pepper sellers,i will write in Hausa language for my facebook friend who are from the Northern Part of Nigeria,i did not put pictures deliberately because seeing is believe as old saying goes.... Try and go to Shasha market(Akinyele Local Government) so that you can see for yourself........ Karimi Olatoye Temitope(SUGAR) daga Lagelu Local Government yake yi manyan gyara a daya daga muhimman kasuwa a Jihar Oyo, shĩ ne ya yi manyan difo for Pepper masu sayarwa, ban saka hotuna da gangan saboda Gani shi ne yi imani da tsohon maganarsu ke, da kuma kokarin je Shasha kasuwa (Akinyele Local Government) sabõda haka, kana iya fahimta da kanta ....
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Engr Alonge Oladipupo Hmmm,my pple if dnt time urself time w surely time u. They re all dribblier.
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Oreku Lukman If what u said is what u do or have in mind then God will be with u. But if not u cannot deceive Nigerians u are only deceiving ur self.
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Shittu Kolade Thank you your Excellency, may Allah guide you to put more happiness to the heart of people and to uplift the image of our dear state as pace setter. Pls, what happens to the 13th month salary of pry. school teachers in the state 3rd day of Feb. 2014 the said benefit yet to be paid and all other sectors have been paid? .
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Adeife Ayoyemi mr Governor pls d party member in oyo state needs contract sir, expecially L.LG.A!
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Yusuff Abiodun A Thank you your Excellency, may God stand by your side.............................ameen!
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Sadik Abass You have set a record, however, I want you to break the record yourself. This means, you can still do more... Thank you for setting a beautiful standards for Oyo State
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Sola Adeleke No massive permanent appointment during ur era
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Asogba Clement Sir you are doing well sir, try to do good more
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Agoro Omotolani Al-hassan It a good performance
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Festus Olabisi u are a big lair.
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